Friday, March 12, 2010

Putting Myself Out There

I've decided this summer, since it will be way too hot to knit, well......way too hot for anyone to want knit items, I will try to build a stock of items to put in an Etsy shop. I don't know if it's going to work out, but that's my goal. DH will be gone during that time and I am supposed to be working on my billing & coding training, so we will see. I think before I can be successful at it I need to figure out how to fit everything into my days. Between a toddler, knitting, house cleaning, online training, cooking and not ignoring my son I am pretty busy. I am in awe of the women who have more than one child and work and go to school and keep their house livable. I think there is some kind of gene that some people are born with that makes them capable of balancing it all. I don't think I was born with it. I think quite possibly 2/3rds of my family is missing it. Right now I have 2 knitting projects to finish, 3 stacks of laundry on my couch waiting to be put away, a very dirty floor and a tv zombie that would probably love to go on a walk.

How do you balance your life? Do you have any little tips that help you accomplish all or most of what you need to get done in a day without losing your mind? Please share with me your wisdom :)


  1. Schedules!! I live on schedules (I also break a lot of them, but whatever). I schedule time for schoolwork and time for blogging, especially when I have sponsored blogs I need to get done (they tend to not pay me if I don't do the work). I check emails first thing in the morning while I drink my coffee. I am a machine when they nap. Cleaning gets a half hour, schoolwork gets an hour, and any leftover time is online/blog time. Repeat this at 8 pm when they go to bed.

    Setting certain amounts of time for things has been a lifesaver for me, especially with schoolwork, which thankfully is almost done. Well, when I stick to it! (sorry for the novel! I didn't mean to blog on your blog!)

  2. Hi, got your comment on Mama yarn diva's. I don't know if anyone else is still there but here are some links to my crochet and knitting sites. My blog is mostly crochet

    I have an etsy site

    A folksy site

    And a Ravelry page

    Bet your sorry you asked now! Lol