Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in the Groove

I've made it through the first two weeks of our deployment! (*Happy Dance around the living room*) It went by surprisingly fast, too. I think that was due to my mom being here, though, and me not truly being on my own. That starts tomorrow. :( She will be flying out and heading back to Montana. I think I'll be okay though. It was nice having her here. She was really helpful and we got a lot of Spring cleaning done. Too bad we weren't motivated enough to do a little bit more though. I do think we wore each other out with all the cleaning, running around and playing with the little one.

So.....let me wrap up the last two weeks for everyone. Said goodbye to the DH (Dear Husband), cried a lot, had to take my dog into surgery and had to spend way too much money on it, air conditioning went out on DH's car, babysitter notified me that even though she knows the job is every Friday she will be out of town already so I need to find a replacement for that day, Verizon gives me the run around about suspending DH's cell phone line, landscaper does a terrible job and I get a write up from my HOA, my WIC gets canceled, DH spends $100 even though I said "We're broke!" beforehand, friends try to cheer me up with flower and they arrive smooshed, dead and slimey. Yep, that's a typical first few weeks for a military spouse suffering the curse. I can happily say that I think it's passed for now. Knock on wood.

I will say I have been lucky and have been able to talk to my husband on Skype 3 times since he's left. They've been choppy chats, we've been disconnected a lot, and there's not any privacy, but I've heard his voice and seen his face and that's what matters. My son loves talking to him on the computer as well. He thinks his Daddy is so funny! It warms me up just watching them interact with each other and seeing how their eyes light up. My boys are my world.

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  1. Sounds traumatic, I'm glad you've survived. Got my mum coming to visit me after a grueling trip round the states to visit some of her relatives. I don't think she'll feel like spring cleaning..lol